Entry #2

The POWER OF THREE Contest is under way!

2009-06-19 23:36:34 by Citnam

It's been 3 weeks since the Power of Three contest started, and I'm phsyc'd! Our game is coming along well, and we're almost to the point of getting something playable. For some, this may sound a bit slow, but I've been writing the engine from the ground up.

I don't think we'll post any screen shots, at least not anything yet. In fact, considering some of us are underdogs on Newgrounds (me especially), maybe we'll just surprise everyone at the end. XD

I'm excited to see what other people come up with too!



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2009-06-20 00:03:18

DUDE. I eat monkeys for breakfast!

Actually I eat cereal. But it's a banana cereal!

SO, I eat monkey food for breakfast! Actually, monkeys prefer figs over bananas...

So, I eat a false monkey food-type cereal for breakfast!